Acupoint sticking therapy efficacy, indications

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Acupoint application therapy

The theoretical basis for acupoint sticking therapy to exert health and health care effects on the human body is to "regulate the meridians and balance the yin and yang" because the twelve meridians belong to the internal organs, and the external organs are in the limbs. At the same time, they can also carry out qi and blood, camp yin and yang, and ribs and bones. Joints, warm and temperate, therefore, the regulation of the meridians can cure all diseases. Acupoint sticking therapy is a complex intervention therapy of traditional Chinese medicine. Its mechanism of action is complex, which is the embodiment of the comprehensive effects of meridian acupoints and drugs. The famous doctor Xu Lingtai in the Qing Dynasty once said: "Paste the plaster, occlude its qi, make the medicine' from the pores and the people's care, through the Jingluo, or mention it, or attack and disperse, compared with taking medicine Especially powerful, this is the best method.” Qing·Wu Shangxian said “...the fur is separated from the hair, and the dirty sputum is not straight to the viscera.” Applying the disease, it directly acts on the disease through the smell of different drugs. The external mechanism of the person, or the main mechanism of the disease (the internal treatment) is as follows:

   1. Acupoint function

The application of the same medicine as acupuncture is based on the meridian theory. The meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that the meridian has the function of “inside the internal organs, external collaterals, episodes of disease or reducing the degree of disease, reaching the prevention and communication table, running through the upper and lower”, is the channel for the body to support the blood and blood circulation, and the meridians The acupuncture points on the upper part are the intersection points in the transgas flow path. The acupoints are closely related to the organs through the meridians, which can reflect the physiological functions and pathological states of the human body, and at the same time, it is also an effective stimulation point for regulating the blood, yin and yang of the organs. Whether the disease is from the outside, or the disease is endogenous, it is inseparable from the meridians, using acupoint sticking therapy, the drug is applied on the skin acupoints, acting on the corresponding skin of the body surface acupoints, the drug penetrates the meridians, through The conduction of meridians acts on the organs, and through the stimulation of drugs, it can achieve the correction of the yin and yang of the viscera and yin and yang, improve the operation of the meridian qi and blood, to regulate the health of the organs and to correct the health.

   2. Pharmacodynamic effect

TCM treatment, no matter the internal and external treatment, are guided by the theory of viscera and meridians. Internal treatment can treat internal and external diseases, external treatment can also treat internal and external diseases, but the route of administration is different. Internal drug administration, after absorption through the digestive tract, can be delivered to the whole body to exert its effects. External treatment, the drug is applied to the acupuncture points on the body surface, and its stimulating effect can make the local blood vessels dilate, accelerate the blood circulation, promote the partial transdermal absorption of the drug, and make the drug run through the meridian through the meridian. Can exert a strong pharmacodynamic effect. As the "Liang Li Wen" said: "Cut the skin, cut into the skin, inhale and infiltrate the exudate", the same can pass the smell of the medicine through the skin to the meridians, in the body, melted in the body fluid It has the meaning of compatibility with internal and external medicines, and it can eliminate evil spirits, remove poisonous gas, and suppress evil spirits to eliminate it; it can help Zhengqi, Tongyingwei, transfer, yin and yang, and the five internal organs. Therefore, although the internal and external treatment methods are different, it has the same effect on the health regulation of the body.

Acupoint sticking therapy is an organic combination of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion therapy and drug conditioning therapy. The effect of its effect is not a simple effect of a certain factor. It is essentially a complex intervention that integrates meridian acupoints and drug effects, and acts on the human body. It has a comprehensive effect. It not only stimulates the acupoints of drugs, but also the effects of drugs itself. Various therapeutic factors interact and interact with each other. Through the stimulation of acupuncture points by drugs, it stimulates the function of the gas and mobilizes the meridians. In order to better play the role of regulating the five internal organs, qi and blood, and yin and yang and other overall health care. According to the different drugs used and the acupoints selected, the acupoint sticking can not only make the evil go out, but also frustrate the five suffocating qi, and the effect of the capital source can also be used to control the levy, adjust the yin and yang, and the five internal organs. In order to achieve the role of supporting the righteousness and improving the body's ability to resist disease, the effect of acupoint sticking therapy on the health and health care of the human body is mainly reflected in three aspects: strengthening the righteousness, coordinating yin and yang, and lifting and resuming.

Acupoint application therapy indications

Acupoint sticking therapy has wide indications, significant curative effect and few side effects. Applying health care treatment, without going through the spleen and stomach, it will not harm the spleen and stomach and affect the subtle transmission of the water valley. Although there is attack, but it is not directly connected with the viscera, the effect is moderated. Therefore, the damage of the five internal organs and the resulting yin and yang can be avoided. A partial deviation of the disease. In addition, the drug is attached to the acupuncture point for easy observation. If there is discomfort or abnormality, the drug can be removed immediately to avoid serious toxicity.

Acupoint sticking has a wide range of applications in disease prevention and health care, and there are a large number of reports in the clinic. For example, for the prevention and health care of the debilitated people, the clinical use of drugs for invigorating the kidney and strengthening the spleen, soothing the liver and nourishing the lungs, supplementing the qi and activating blood circulation, warming the meridians and collaterals, and applying them to the acupoints with strong functions such as Guanyuan, Qihai, Shushu and Zusanli. To enhance the body's righteousness, improve disease resistance and prevent disease.

In the aspect of health care for chronic diseases, acupoint sticking therapy has a wide range of indications, which can be used in clinical, surgical, gynaecological, pediatric, ENT, dermatology, orthopedics, neurology and psychiatry. Health care, especially for the respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, urinary, endocrine, rheumatic diseases and other major diseases, the health care treatment is better.

The main symptoms of treatment are: cold, cough, asthma, spontaneous sweating, chest pain, convulsions, stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, food, jaundice, hypochondriac pain, headache, dizziness, crooked eyes, and thirst , nocturnal emission, impotence, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, uterine prolapse, chyle, milk nucleus, sore swollen, throat, toothache, mouth sores, malaria, joint swelling and pain, bruises, pediatric nightingale, anorexia, enuresis , rogue, etc.


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