Adhesive treatment - the best choice for the treatment of frozen shoulder

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Due to the busy work of modern people, it is easy for me to suffer from periarthritis of the shoulders, which makes the disease worse. So, how to treat shoulder inflammation? In fact, plaster is a good choice, safe and effective. So let's take a look at the detailed content now.

The purpose of treatment and exercise is to loosen the adhesion, but if the treatment is stopped without authorization, the loosened adhesion tissue may re-adhesive. So treatment and exercise are persevering. The condition of the scapulohumeral periarthritis is different, and the treatment methods are also different. Now, the patient is introduced to several ways to treat the frozen shoulder.


1 patch treatment

After self-massage and exercise, the shoulder joints will feel pain, fever, and increased range of motion. This is an increase in blood circulation and the release of adhesion tissue. At this time, it is a good opportunity to continue to stabilize the treatment. It can be applied to the shoulders with far-infrared physiotherapy stickers to promote blood circulation, reduce swelling and pain, and remove wind and cold to avoid the onset of adhesion.

2 oral analgesics

Exercise can cause pain, and sometimes excessive pain can form a patient who is afraid to continue exercising or exercise less and less, and the effect will be worse. Proper use of oral analgesics can effectively assist patients to continue to exercise.

3 cupping treatment

Cupping is safer and can be on the front of the shoulder, the outside of the shoulder and the back. Look for the most painful parts, use a cupping, or use a vacuum pumping tank. Should move the shoulder after cupping, otherwise it will not be conducive to treatment. You can treat it once every other day.

4 medicated bath treatment

Some traditional Chinese medicines should be soaked in water for 15 minutes. After boiling, take the juice and heat to wash the affected side of the shoulder. When it is cold, it will be heated and then fumigation. The medicated bath can remove phlegm and collaterals, warm and dispel the cold, and promote blood circulation. Silt, and has a strong analgesic effect.

5 laser needle knife therapy

Peel off the adhesion, loosen the muscles, restore some blood circulation, reduce the concentration of some pain-causing substances, relieve the painful condition, and then introduce the He-Ne laser to play the role of anti-inflammatory analgesia and promote tissue repair.


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